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Saturday Morning Football at MFC in the Community


  MFCiC  Morning Club is a fun, interactive session aimed at developing the f...

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February Holiday Courses


We are now taking bookings for our February 2011 Holiday Courses. Please follow the link below to...

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MFC Health Bus

The Health Bus

The Health Bus
Middlesbrough Football Club in the Community have unleashed a brand new and innovative project onto the roads and highways of the Tees Valley The Health Bus. This fully refurbished bus with state of the art interior goes out into the communities of the Tees Valley to spread vital messages and give valuable information on key topics such as healthy lifestyles, fitness, diet and nutrition.

The vision of this unique medium was actualised with the forming of a partnership between Middlesbrough Football Club in the Community, Arriva and The Primary Care Trust. It is furnished with the latest Hi Tech health equipment supplied by Garmin, Onyx and Promethean, which allows users the opportunity to check their current health levels, monitor their fitness and develop their knowledge and understanding of health related issues.

The Bus travels throughout the local community visiting a wide range of venues such schools, youth centres, community centres and workplaces offering everybody the opportunity to take steps to improve their lifestyle by stepping aboard the new Health Bus.

Fore more information or to book to book contact MFCiC on 0871 2821280